Monthly Archives: May 2014

Not Broken, Just Bent*


 I have been walking in the woods for the past 3 weeks. Around my home, I walk in farmer’s fields with big sky and very few trees to speak of, so walking in the woods as spring was unfolding. was a feast for all of my senses and was exhilarating. The smell of the plants springing out of the newly awakened earth was so rich. I saw turkeys, deer, grouse, an owl, porcupines, and although I didn’t see them, there were coyotes and I saw their marks. I felt pulled into nature’s embrace. Ummm. Continue reading



It’s Easter Sunday and I am taking a walk in the woods. I am lost because the paths all look the same but the weather is good, the air smells like spring, the dog with me is flinging herself into the undergrowth and I am happy. Birds sing. I hear geese go overhead and I can feel my shoulders drop. Ummmm. This is the life. Thanks to my friend Sue for thinking about me when she was going away and needed someone to house-sit her bit of paradise. Continue reading