Here we are

I always thought at a ‘certain’ age, I would become beautiful in a way that only a gray haired, older woman can be and wise. Well, I have the gray hair and wisdom still eludes me. While I wait I could, exercise, groom the dog, play with my grandkids, cook something, clean the backs of those cupboards that I have been promising myself I would tidy someday, visit a friend, have a gathering, learn to play my ukelele, sleep late or … well, I could write about things that inspire/interest/cause me to lie awake at night.

The only problem of course is that in choosing this title, I used the word wisdom, so my critic has taken a stand, gently but firmly pointing out that I have no right to comment under a heading that says anything about wisdom, at least until it arrives and we have no estimated time of arrival or even reliable information that it is coming. Until then, I guess I will send the critic to the store to buy some wine and maybe a creamy, rich, good for me dessert. That should hold him for a while and I can throw a few things down.

I would love to have you join the conversation. Send me ideas, links, pictures and games to keep me occupied til wisdom shows up…and when that happens, I will happily share with you and we can all be wise together. Until then….lets go.