Happy New Year – Use it up!

Happy New Year. I usually don’t mark the movement of one year to the next. Why? Because I have my own personal new year on my birth date in March. That is when I usually do my best self reflection. This year though, maybe because of the cold outside, or the wonderful family time I have spent or maybe even the gift of a whole day doing nothing but walking in the winter wonderland, I decided to give myself a 2018 task. I am not thinking of it as a resolution so much as part of my minimalist project which is on going, usually at a snails pace. This year I am going to take all of the beautiful notebooks and journals I have been given through the years by people who know I love paper, pens and writing things, and I am going to use them.

I have many beautiful books lovingly placed on a shelf, actually several shelves, waiting for inspiration. They are all different, lovingly bound, handmade paper, given with love, special books I have saved, too pretty, fancy, special to write lists or random thoughts in. I have hard cover sketch books and lush watercolour paper pads also waiting for me, gathering dust. It is just not fair to have a book, so hopeful at its moment of gifting, relegated to my, ‘as soon as I have time or the ‘right’ idea’ shelves.

In 2018 I have decided to use those books for any scribbles, sketches, writing and play. I will not wait to use them until I am certain I am beginning the great Canadian Novel or a poem that will change the world. Maybe while I am at it I will wear the plastic draped party dress, eat off the good china and use the special soap stored in the cupboards. I hope this will leave space for the muse to sneak in and check out my space.

2 Responses to Happy New Year – Use it up!

  • Louise says:

    What an amazing inspired idea. May you find your muse tucked sweetly between the pages.

  • Allison Hannah says:

    I love this Vicki. All painting does not need to be frame-worthy and song-writing does not need to make the charts. Thank you for introducing me to the craft and the muse. And for all those you help and inspire with your AWA workshops.

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