It’s Easter Sunday and I am taking a walk in the woods. I am lost because the paths all look the same but the weather is good, the air smells like spring, the dog with me is flinging herself into the undergrowth and I am happy. Birds sing. I hear geese go overhead and I can feel my shoulders drop. Ummmm. This is the life. Thanks to my friend Sue for thinking about me when she was going away and needed someone to house-sit her bit of paradise.

As I walk I glimpse a pond through the trees. I look at the map, still unfamiliar to me. It is surprising, I must be lost again because I am not expecting a pond but there it is, sun glinting on the paddle paths of the geese. I hear the cry of a loon. Really? A loon? I  wouldn’t expect one here. I can’t see it, but it laughs at my confusion.  I can’t help smiling as I tramp and kick the dried leaves.

Suddenly, as I walk I realize that I am hearing peepers (Pseudacris crucifer). It has been  cold and it seems early to me but there thy are singing enthusiastically. As I get closer to the end of the pond they seem to prefer, the sound swells. The harmonies weave and play intricate games with my ears. I look at my watch, almost 11 am. I think of my husband, at church, singing in the choir, celebrating the high point of the Christian year. “He has risen, he has risen indeed.” I wonder, is that the reason the peepers peep? They too have risen after a long winter. When they went to sleep under logs and behind loose bits of bark last fall, they had no idea if they would thaw out and live. But there they were, alive, singing their throats raw, a concert that stops me and holds me entranced for 15 minutes while the dog stares at me and wonders what I am up too. Beautiful. What a gift

I tried to upload some audio for you but I can’t figure that out so, here is a link to peepers peeping. I hope it works. These don’t sound as happy as mine didbut, you get the idea.