Trapped in the Mirror

trapped in the mirror

My friend, when I see you after a time of not being with you, I am started by how good you look. I notice your smile and the crinkle of your eyes at the corners. Every time I throw my arms around you and say, “You look so great!”

 My husband tells me it gets old. He says you don’t know what to say and that really, you looked the same today as you looked last time. Next time I’ll be more careful, but again, you look stellar, better than the time before.

 I’ve wondered about why it happens and I have decided, the way you look is the way I feel about you and probably too, the way you make me feel. It has nothing to do with the way you cut your hair, or what you wear. When I see you, my soul leaps. I am happy and you look GREAT!

 Today I was caught in the mirror and, well, it was early. My hair was all standing up and I swear, the skin on my face was hanging in folds especially around my eyes. I think I have gained ten pounds in my double chin alone since I last walked by a mirror…and yet when we were together you said I looked good, really good. Either you were lying or, it had nothing to do with the mirror. It probably has nothing to do with anything except how we make each other feel. If I’m right then our looks come from a deeper place. I wonder if we can stop looking at ourselves with critical eyes and see what our friends see in us. If that is possible then our souls will leap in recognition of our own beautiful self.

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  • Janice says:

    nice! I love the thought process here.
    By the way did I tell you how great you looked yesterday when I saw you? Really you look great!

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